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Into the Weeds Student Resources

Help us find the rest of the species from our scavenger hunt video with this printable scavenger hunt sheet!

If you want an extra challenge, try creating your own scavenger hunt sheet that includes plants and/or animals around your school.

Learn more about native and invasive species through a short reading and crossword puzzle.

If you have more time, see how many words you can find in our Into the Weeds word search!

Put your aquatic invasive species knowledge to the test with Tucker the Turtle in this fun invasive species activity packet. Want to learn more about Tucker the Turtle? Visit the US Forest Service website, the MN Department of Natural Resources Play Clean Go website, or the Potomac Highlands CWPMA website.

Let's Go Birding! - Student Resources


The St. Croix River is home to some pretty spectacular birds! After reading about a few awesome avian adaptations, you will be ready to complete the Birding crossword puzzle and word searches.

Take this booklet outside to take notes as you listen and look for the common song birds that we learned about in the Let's Go Birding video series. You can also watch for birds through a window as you complete the coloring activity and word search.

This reading for grades 6-8 highlights 10 common songbird species of the St. Croix Riverway. Some of these species have variable coloration of their feathers depending on the time of year, the age of the bird, or whether the bird is male or female. Read about the interesting phenomenon of sexual dimorphism in birds and then test your skills of bird identification by playing a species matching game.

Let's Go Mucking! - Student Resources

Learn more about the cool critters living in the St. Croix River by reading the fact sheets in this booklet. Then, test your knowledge with our Let's Go Mucking crossword puzzle.

Use this dichotomous key to figure out which species of macroinvertebrates are living in the water near your school or home!