A very hungry beetle...

and you.

Welcome to wild science. A community-focused, data-driven approach to purple loosestrife management. Brought to you by the Wild Rivers Conservancy.

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Brown galerucella beetle on purple loosestrife leaf. Photo by Katie Sickmann

The solution to invasive species control starts in your backyard.

Become a volunteer scientist and raise, rear, and release biocontrol beetles in areas of heavy purple loosestrife populations and be rewarded by helping to restore healthy native habitats. Help create a more vigorous native plant community within the St. Croix River watershed, protecting the natural areas you know and love.

Project Goals




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Eligibility Requirements

Must live within the Minnesota portion of the St. Croix River watershed. Not a MN resident? Let's connect.

Must have personal outdoor space that can accommodate the rearing cage throughout the beetle-raising process.

Must report volunteer hours served each month.

Must attend a required training to learn about rearing cage setup, data collection protocols, and reporting on May 13.

Must be able to follow all directions and standard operating procedures, and perform assigned tasks.

Must be able to submit weekly reports through in-person drop-off or by completing an online form.

Key Dates

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Frequently Asked Questions


Maria Young, Invasive Species Coordinator

715.483.3300 ex 21