3-Day Namekagon River
Kayak Paddles

Join us for a Three Day Paddle on the Namekagon River

Enjoy a scenic 40-mile paddle down the Namekagon River starting in Cable, Wisconsin. Enjoy wildlife sightings, educational encounters, and some good old outdoor fun. This trip offers the best of Wisconsin's natural surroundings with the comfort of overnight hotel accommodations, prepared meals, and a seasoned staff to provide support and guidance while you enjoy your 3-day journey.

Registration Opens January, 1st 2024, 12 PM CT

Registration Fees

$1,200.00 Registration / Single Occupancy
$900.00 Registration / Double Occupancy

2024 Trip Dates

  • May 19 - 21, 2024 SOLD OUT 
  • June 9 - 11, 2024 SOLD OUT

Private Paddle Options

Interested in a private outing for your friends, family, or corporate team building?

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About Our Three Day Paddles on the Namekagon River

A Wild and Scenic Experience

"As a board member who knew little about the Namekagon compared to the St. Croix, I felt compelled to spend time on that river. What better way than through a Conservancy-sponsored paddle! Everything I've heard about how beautiful and wild the Namekagon is was confirmed. I was thrilled to spend more time with Conservancy staff in a relaxed outdoors manner, and also with volunteers and supporters from all over the place. I am even more committed to work on behalf of Wild Rivers Conservancy of the St. Croix and Namekagon to ensure stewardship of the beautiful wild and scenic place for others well into the future."

—Loralee DiLorenzo, Conservancy Board Member

“Every year I look forward to this paddle. No worries, no work... just water, weather, and wonderful people.”

-Deb T.

"Deb is always fantastic; Tim was a great sweep; Bethany was great and pulled me out of a sandbar a time or two; Nicole and Jenn made sure we were well fed; Nicole and Jeremiah did a great job as leads and ground crew.  Those are the people I interacted with the most, but you have an amazing group of staff and volunteers! The paddle is a way for me to reconnect with nature and experience peaceful moments. Experiencing it with my family made it extra special."

—2021 Paddle Participant

“The paddle has given me an opportunity to join a community that shares a similar interest and is able to mentor and deepen my understanding of a unique and natural resource.”

-Mark V.

“It was very peaceful to travel on this beautiful river, a time for reflection and day dreaming that is often difficult in everyday life. It heals my heart and mind to be in our natural spaces, in parks and waterways that are protected and fiercely loved by their volunteer and organizational groups such as yours. It gives me hope."

-Kate S.

“It is the friendships, the beauty of the surroundings, and the complete relaxation that I look forward to each time. The ability to take time and just enjoy, to laugh, and to understand that what I am really looking for is just outside.”

-Leta J.

“This was the trip of a lifetime. Like everyone, I enjoyed the beauty of the river and its wildlife, but I also learned a lot about myself. There was something so special about the people on this ride. Everyone was genuinely loving and supportive. You could walk into a room or stop at a campsite where there was a picnic table, and eagerly sit down with people you never met. Then the magic took place. There were no "strangers."

-Julie J.

Kayaks on the riverbank of the Namekagon on a sunny dat with blue skies. Photo: conservancy Paddle Participant

What Is Included On Your Paddle

  • Premium quality river kayak, paddle, and PFD
  • Overnight stays at Lenroot Lodge and Holiday Inn
  • Shuttle services to put-in and to parking
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages)
  • River guide and staff support
  • Educational riverside lunch breaks
  • An incredible experience you'll never forget

Overnight Lodging

Our guests are treated to both comfort and class, with overnight stays at boutique Lenroot Lodge and Holiday Inn Hayward. End your paddle day on the banks of the Namekagon river, take a few short steps to the hotel where our crew will have a cold beverage and your luggage waiting for you.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Lenroot Lodge (exterior), Lenroot Lodge (exterior), Holiday Inn (room), Holiday Inn (lobby)

Three Day Paddle Schedule

SUNDAY (9.5 Miles)

  • Meet at Camp Namekagon in Springbrook, WI (by 11 AM)
  • Lunch (provided), PFD, and paddle assignment
  • Shuttle to Phillipi Landing for put-in by 2 PM
  • Educational Encounter on the River
  • Paddle to Seeley, WI for overnight at Lenroot Lodge
  • Evening Presentation

MONDAY (13.5 miles)

  • Breakfast at Sawmill Saloon and morning briefing
  • Lunch and educational encounter on the river
  • Paddle to Hayward, WI for overnight at Holiday Inn
  • Evening Presentation

TUESDAY (15 miles)

  • Breakfast at Holiday Inn and morning briefing
  • Paddle to Lunch at Stinnett Landing
  • Paddle to North Springbrook Landing; shuttle back to Camp Namekagon (3-5 PM)